Smooth and Markoman unite under their Telekinesis moniker once again and the results are fucking mental!! We can already see the evil little grins on the Blackout Music crew’s faces when these came through as these fit perfectly with the imprints funk-and-tech dancefloor-killer vibe. While the audio for “Play” has posted, you’re going to have to trust us that pummeling bits like “Shut Up” and the dark and twisted “Listen” are going to have you shoving and stomping all summer long.

To witness the full strength of the heat that the duo are bringing, “Break” is going to be the one that’ll have you freaking that speaker, while this little diddy known as “Play” below is going to have you throwing those hands up and saying, “Fuck it, I’m leaving work early today.”

That’s right, the weekend starts now so write down on a little post-it that the full Telekinesis ‘Obey’ EP drops April 15 via Blackout Music and then tell the boss you’re feeling ill before hitting the office full force with this one: