Telekinesis’ Top 10 Telekinetic Tracks
Telekinesis’ Top 10 Telekinetic Tracks

The term “telekinesis” is defined as the concept of being able to move things with one’s mind. The Slovenian D&B duo known as Telekinesis, however, have taken mindbenders to a whole new level with their heavy neuro-tinged sound. Markoman and Smooth, as they are known individually, have put out releases on Bad Taste, Viper, Close2Death, Mainframe and more since they began producing in 2010 but the last three years have belonged pretty much exclusively to Eatbrain and Blackout.

Telekinesis’ last EP was in August of last year on Eatbrain so it’s about time they had another. The In My Mind EP is due out this coming Monday, March 18 on Blackout and it’s easy to see why BSE’s imprint snapped this one up. The title track and closing track, “Levitate,” are both very Blackout, with fast, snare-heavy beats and crunchy synths. “Pikachu” and “Psiball” could really go on any label but they obviously sit very well with Blackout and the rest of the EP.

Since it seems In My Mind’s title is a nod to tracks that get stuck in one’s head and, in the case of Telekinesis and other artists, inspire new ideas and tracks, Bassrush asked Smooth and Marko for a playlist of the tunes that are in their telekinetic minds and both inspired this new EP and push their sound in general. They definitely delivered, with a list that includes everything from Pokemon Go (yes, “Pikachu” does contain a sample of the cartoon character of the same name) to nu metal and emo to the D&B classics like Noisia’s “Diplodocus” that inspire us all. So here they are, in no particular order: Telekinesis’ mindbending playlist.

Desimal “Afterlife
“Pretty much every tune Desimal created was unique in its own way. We were always fans of his music and still are. This one is so special because of the dark theme and very melancholic feel. It was present in every tune he made but this one in particular has a very strong feel of nothingness. He was a genius and may he rest in peace.”

“Pokemon Go Theme Song”
“Marko was watching this with kids on YouTube so it found its way onto the EP.”

Slayer & Ice T “Disorder”
“It’s always good to remember all governments suck.”

Slipknot “Eyeless”
“We used to always finish our sets with this one. It always got a good reaction from the crowd, even though the only thing it has in common with D&B is that amen break in the intro.”

Black Sun Empire “Breach”
“If you tried to wake either of us in the middle of the night and said ‘Black Sun Empire,’ we would start to hum the lead of this track in our sleep.”

Korn “Freak on a Leash
“That was the first song I (Smooth) ever heard from them. They had such a special sound even though at the time there were tons of nu metal bands; they certainly stood out. Love all of their old albums but this one in particular is so stuck in my head that it most certainly helped shape our sound.”

Noisia “Diplodocus
“What can one say about this one? Not only does Noisia break boundaries with their mixdowns, they also do it with their insane bass and sound design. I’m sure everyone would agree. This is a very special one. Loving that superb wonky bassline and funky fat beats.”

SPOR “Supernova
“This was for me (Smooth) one of the most influential tracks and EPs. Hence we pretty much played it every single party for like at least two years. What an amazing tune and EP.”

Ed Rush & Optical “Pacman” (RAM Trilogy Remix)
“There’s not much to add to this choice. Absolute classic.”

AFI “Total Immortal
“Smooth’s most influential band. From primary school up until now I have been listening to their albums and I chose this one because it was the first song I have heard from them and it made me obsessed.”

In My Mind by Telekinesis will be out on Monday, March 18 on Blackout. It can be streamed and purchased on multiple platforms by clicking here.