Continuing to impress with its ability to introduce the world to cutting-edge drum and bass talent from across the globe, ProgRAM fires off its latest salvo in the form of two heavy-hitting cuts from Teniak.

Hailing from Finland, the youngblood already stakes his claim with epic track titles like “Bad Science” and “Snitchcraft” that already have us eager for a listen without even hearing the tunes! Lucky for us, the tunes live up to their names with “Bad Science” stealing the show for us today as we offer it up as a premiere for the Bassrush massive.

Exotic strings ease us into this cinematic soundscape that suddenly bursts to life with a proper spiral into the abyss. Having transported listeners to the heart of the tune proper, the stepping beat and low-slung growl swerving around the edges keeps the tension high as TENIAK show us just what kind of alchemical magic they are capable of.

It’s a great intro to the TENIAK sound and one that already has us eager to hear more from this up-and-coming name in the coming months.

The full release is out tomorrow, May 26, via ProgRAM on all digital platforms so pre-save/pre-add yours here.