Armanni Reign
Armanni Reign

Every now and then it’s good to take some time to show love for those who have been putting their heart and soul into this scene we all know and love—and there’s very few heads out there putting in much work as the one and only Armanni Reign.

From his early days in Philly on the come up to his rapid ascent to international acclaim touring with the legendary Goldie and forming an integral role in Photek’s TekDBZ project, the talented MC continues to inspire and impress with his absolute love of bass music in all its forms, showcasing his lyrical style both on stage and in the cut for numerous artists.

As if being called upon as Andy C’s right-hand man wasn’t enough, the natural born mic killer is able to bust rhymes over a wide variety of hip-hop, drum & bass, dubstep, and trap styles with effortless ease. Featured on monster hits as varied as Zomboy’s “Outbreak,” 12th Planet and The Trickaz’s “Bless That,” Riot’s “LSAR,” and Mayhem and Logam’s “We Will” only solidifies our belief that Armanni continues to represent the past, present, and future of the genre in an inimitable way.

Having most recently branched out into the fashion world for a limited edition collaboration with Damascus, there’s no doubt that there’s even bigger things on the horizon for the host with the most.

It seems only fitting then that we pass the mic to Armanni for some final words:

“To be honest… after 15 years of stepping on stage with some of the most talented, fun-loving, life-embracing people I have ever met, and creating memories with countless die-hard fanatics and lifers of this culture all over the world, I am humbled everyday by any love and support I receive for my small contribution to the art.

I have a special appreciation for the Bassrush massive that has shown me love from the very beginning. I’ve watched it grow with integrity, keeping an eye on the future with a firm grip on the heart of its past, all while never losing its identity.

Although I am not perfect, know that I will never take any of it for granted. I carry my miscues on the same shoulders as my accomplishments and pray that my music and my performances are an unmistakable byproduct of that. I cannot give enough thanks to all those who have helped me, pushed me, coached me, doubted me and defended me since the early days of Illskillz, Substitution, Contagious, GASM, TEKDBZ and Mental Sharp to now with Society of Numbers, Circle, Insomniac and the many DJs who have allowed me to rock with them. I love all of you! You truly inspire me. DnBStrong! Hybrid Life! Sheesh.”

NOCTURNAL WONDERLAND from Armanni Reign on Vimeo.