The Caracal Project continues his impressive rise to the top as he offers Bassrush listeners a glimpse into his forthcoming Homegrown EP on Neosignal’s Nëu Music imprint in the form of “Cheylard.”

Already earning a reputation for interstellar sound design, The Caracal Project delivers the goods and wastes no time sweeping us into the inner tech-driven heart of the tune. From the cinematic fervor of the intro all the way through to the wormlike retro-acid hook at the core, the restless vibe is evened out by a smooth ride over crisp percussion and a dirty wall of bass. Fans of the leftfield vibe will be all over this one as the flex The Caracal Project seems to know no bounds as he pushes the bridge into a 4/4 territory before spiraling back into the twisted synaptic network of this stunner.

It’s a big look for The Caracal Project and Nëu Music as the full Homegrown EP drops on October 30, so lock yours in here.