The Dub Rebellion Celebrates 5 Years
The Dub Rebellion Celebrates 5 Years

The Dub Rebellion YouTube channel has come a long way since its humble beginnings only five short years ago. It’s hard to believe that the channel—which supports countless artists and bass music labels through guest mixes and exclusive premieres—is run by a single person. That’s a huge come up for a channel that started out as nothing more than a personal playlist but now boast over 170,000 subscribers.

 To celebrate this milestone and to honor the dedication and service that the man behind the channel, Darek Desrosiers, continues to provide for bass music culture at large, we sat down for an in-depth chat and behind-the-scenes look into the past, present, and future of The Dub Rebellion.

Bass music has always been something that has resonated with me since the time I was a small child. It's in my blood!

Take us back to the how it all began.
The Dub Rebellion started in 2011 with a vision of pushing the highest quality dubstep at the time. Around this time, UKF was on the rise and dominating the game among dozens more dubstep YouTube channels, and I was just another smaller fish in the sea. Bass music has always been something that has resonated with me since the time I was a small child. Bass music is in my blood!

When did things really take off for the channel?
Things really started taking off around 2013 when I started officially doing premieres for labels and artists. I also believe this is the year when people started taking my channel seriously and paying more attention to the content I was uploading. Being that there were so many dubstep channels doing exactly what I was doing, it was very difficult to stand out from the crowd. As the years progressed, many of these popular dubstep channels started phasing out and quitting altogether.

Five years have flown by. Did you ever think the channel would get to where it is today?
To be honest, not even close. I am forever grateful for the successes The Dub Rebellion has seen and the relationships I’ve built with some of the most genuine people. Over the years I have had the privilege to meet some of my favorite artists in person like TrollPhace, FuntCase, Datsik, 12th Planet, Bukezt Finezt, and so many others. Some of the coolest dudes I’ve met!

What does the future looks like?
I know it probably seems that I’ve been saying this forever, but submissions are coming soon! I’m working on a new system that will make it easier for me to check out demos in a quick manner, so that I can get through all of them! I’ve confirmed a few premieres over the last few days with some of your favorite dubstep artists at the moment. Unfortunately I can’t spill the beans yet but you’ll see soon!

Any thoughts for those trying to get their own music featured on the site?
If you are a bass music producer who is feeling discouraged about your music, don’t be. I’ve waited years before I featured tunes from some of my friends. Be patient, you never know when your time will come!

What are some of the hottest tracks you’ve hosted over the years?
Good question! Here’s a playlist of the Top 10 bits that come to mind as well as my thoughts on three of my favorites:

BadKlaat “Head Crush” (NSD: Black Label, 2015)
I was honestly surprised that Never Say Die approached me to premier “Head Crush” as part of their first Black Label release. Ever since then, I’ve built a solid relationship with the team over at NSD.

Coffi & Tsuruda “U Can’t” (2014)
Probably one of my favorite unreleased tunes on my channel. It’s always a pleasure to push Tsuruda and Coffi!

AD x Subfiltronik x Curzed “Evil Ryu” (AR the Bushmaster Remix) (2014)
If this tune was ever dropped live, it’d probably be responsible for many people in the hospital!