The San Francisco-based Ravenscoon emerges from a year of quarantine with a massive debut on WAKAAN that signals his evolution as an artist and on the personal front.

While each tune on his aptly titled “Revolve” project (with “revolve” standing in for “re-evolution”) is fine-tuned for massive sound systems, the overarching DNA of the piece dives deep into the vibes that only a communal listening experience can bring.

The heavier sound diverges from previous Ravenscoon cuts but the impressive creativity remains at the core as the EP delivers three solo works and a mind-bending collab with Viskus that softens the darker edges as long-time fans may expect.

As Ravenscoon tells it, “My collaboration with Viskus rounds off the EP with a more melodic tone, which Ravenscoon has been popularized for. We joked that this is our ‘confetti blast song,’ and it is a feel-good way to round out some of the heavier work on this EP. Viskus and I have been working together for years, and this marks over five songs we’ve created together.”

Whether you want to be blown to the outer reaches of the universe or seduced into the inner reaches of your own soul, Ravenscoon comes correct and delivers a heavyweight dose of bass-driven love in all the right places.

This one’s out now so taste the evolution below before locking your own copy in here.