The Loadz List
The Loadz List

There is no doubt that since his humble beginnings in New Jersey, Dubloadz has made his presence known in the bass music scene with an ever-evolving unique and funky style that continually challenges the boundaries of bass music as a whole. Having just released his first single of 2018, “Salt” explores the deep, eerie realms of his craft while completely crushing the technique of genre blending through this all immersive, hypnotizing track.

Since hitting the road with Kayzo for a two-month tour across the US, the release of the impressive “Salt,” and his recently announced forthcoming appearance at EDC Las Vegas later this year, it’s safe to say 2018 is off to a great start for Dubloadz. To gear up for what is already a smashing new year for the producer, we caught up with Dubloadz and put together an exclusive playlist for fans by the name of “The Loadz List.” Check out what he’s rockin’ out to in between shows below!

LAXX ft. Belle Humble “High From It”
“Where to start here? I’d put this entire album on this playlist if I could. LAXX has gone beyond setting the bar of what a perfect album should sound like. This dude covered every sound and genre, from bringing back styles he did six years ago, to what’s popular today. Every track is expertly produced with the utmost attention to detail, and the mixdowns are fine tuned to perfection. I feel that in today’s culture the idea of listening to an entire album as one piece of music has gotten lost. This is an example of an album that should be listened to start to finish with close attention. It’s truly inspiring and will be hard to top for the rest of the year and beyond. If I were rotten tomatoes, this would be a 100/100.”

Culptrate, Keota, Sophie Meiers “Mechanic Heartbeat”
“Remember when Culprate released an absolute masterpiece work of art EP (as always) and no one talked about it? At least that was the case in my circle; maybe I should start hanging out with different people. (Laughs) This whole Unity Project 3 EP is just as amazing as you would expect it to be. Expertly crafted sound design, catchy melodies, and fantastic progression in each track. ‘Mechanic Heartbeat’ is the showstopper for me. It gives me all the feels in the world and I find myself constantly noticing little things in the song that I had previously overlooked. Needless to say, Sophie Meiers’ vocals are heavenly, and the entire track will take you on a journey over and over. Culprate, Keota, and Sophie have created something of pure magic here. Just stop reading now and go buy the EP for the love of good music.

Virtual Riot “Pray For Riddim”
“Ah yes, good old Virtual Riot. What can we say about this strapping young buck? Well, he’s who I consider to be the best producer in the heavy bass scene, without a doubt. He has evolved and progressed through so many styles seamlessly over and over. His newest EP, German Engineering, is what I’d consider his heaviest work to date. He’s taken the washed out ‘riddim’ sound and made it his own. The mixdowns are flawless, the songs are creative, and the sound design is otherworldly. To be honest, I don’t even know if this is my favorite track on it because it’s hard to choose one, but this is the track that’s been a spotlight in my sets for about a half a year now and I have no intentions of taking it out anytime soon.”

Dion Timmer ft. The Arcturians “Cyan”
“Dion Timmer, the best human on this earth. So pure, so talented, so humble, so DION! This dude has made countless masterpieces but I think ‘Cyan’ might be my favorite track to date. This is what good music is supposed to sound like. The vocals from The Arcturians are infectious and borderline haunting, but the track brings so much of a different energy to them. It’s heavy and dark, but still beautiful and melodic. It’s such a well-rounded song with layer on layer of amazing melodies and yet, somehow it doesn’t feel washed out at all. It feels like something new and refreshing. Dion is a gift to the world of production and I can’t wait to see what he does next! Actually, I’ve already heard a bunch of it and it’s all fucking godly.”

SVDDEN DEATH & YAKZ “Rock Like This”
“Finally, gotta shout to these two hooligans. Let me tell you something, I’m really sick of the ‘riddim’ sound and what it’s become. Washed out half assed 1/4 tracks of the most repetitive form. When it’s good, it’s damn good, but so much of the time I just wanna shut it off. Then in comes a poof of smoke, SVDDEN DEATH and YAKZ, to save the world from monotony. These dudes are some real deal producers. The sound design speaks for itself but Jesus Christ almighty, how the fuck are these guys getting their mixdowns so loud? Fuck if I know, but it’s amazing. I’ve seen a lot of producers come up hard in this industry that don’t deserve it, but these dudes deserve it. They care about what they do, they’re humble and understanding of the reality around them. They’re driven and pushing this sound to new levels. The way they overlap completely different patterns and elements and make it work without it turning into a muddy mess from hell is a thing of beauty. So when I tell you if you like heavy dubstep and you haven’t heard this song, what the actual fuck are you even doing with your life? Go move to Alaska and become an Eskimo or some shit. Or just go listen to the song and shame yourself for not having heard it earlier. Your pick.”