The Prototypes
The Prototypes 'Pop It Off'

The Prototypes drop in with “Pop It Off,” the third single from their long-awaited City of Gold LP on Viper Recordings that has already been unleashing all kinds of madness and mayhem on the dancefloor.

Featuring the instantly recognizable vocals of Mad Hed City, the dancehall- and trap-influenced intro kick-starts the skank-and-burn before The Prototypes ramp it up into anthem territory with a stomping beat and chest-rattling bassline. It’s a proper dirty stormer guaranteed to get that ass shaking.

While the original cut is currently available exclusively via Beatport, the full release will feature Black Butter artist Jaded dropping the pitch and flipping the vibes into a full-on four-on-the-floor killer. So if you like to wind it out on the slow-motion bass house tip, gear up for that one as it hits May 3, two weeks ahead of the full album release May 17.