Skellytn continues to impress with yet another massive release in the midst of an already epic year. With the smoke still settling on her debut album, Neurocomputer, that dropped last year on Reid Speed’s Play Me Records, 2023 has seen Skellytn rocket to the top at an almost unimaginable yet well-deserved speed.

Ever-prolific in the studio, the artist has been kicking out tune after tune on imprints ranging from our very own Bassrush Records all the way through to Ram, Eatbrain, and Space Yacht Records, all while in the midst of a heavy touring schedule that has included festivals like Bass Canyon, Nocturnal Wonderland, Lost Lands, and Escape (coming up in October!). Still in the midst of her supporting role for Riot Ten’s Hype or Die tour, Skellytn shows no signs of slowing down as she kicks five hot-blooded floor-killers to Bassrush as part of her Megacorporation EP.

Sci-fi infused neurofunk drum and bass reigns supreme on the EP as the Los Angeles-based producer opens the proceedings with cinematic fury on the tech-stepping “Fracture” before kicking things into high gear with “Fire Across the Sky.” Featuring the equally dark and mysterious BZRKR on vocal duties, Skellytn crafts a dark and deadly soundscape before dumping us into the heart of the beast with the standout tune, “Villain.” Conjuring up vision of swerving through the maze-like underbelly of some off-world renegade base, Skellytn expertly charts a course through the tech-fueled core of “Dance With the Devil” featuring UNDY before closing it out with the halftime beast known as “Control”. Honey-B-Sweet’s vocals ride on top of this one perfectly as the streetwise swagger of the cut ride that fine line between rail-riding and straight-up in-the-Matrix swerve.

This one is out now via the ever-essential Bassrush Records imprint so download/stream yours here.