T>I continues to steamroll his way across the dancefloor as one of the most underrated producers in the game. Consistently dropping heat across the board and surfacing on imprints ranging from Innerground to Playaz, the jump-up influenced dancefloor hypnotism he’s kicking is a style that’s all his own.

To prove he’s capable of flexing across the board, witness his four-track debut on Critical Music where T>I takes the future-leaning funk the imprint is known for and flips it on its head. From the extreme outer edges of the sonic universe all the way through to the deep and heavy heart of roller country, T>I hints at the power of the goods he’s cooking up in the lab for his debut album that’s to follow later this year on Critical as well.

For now, we’ve got the jump on one of our favorite cuts off the aptly titled Cold Cuts EP,“Can’t Play Dat.” Built upon the deceptive minimalism he’s known for, the shivering crunchy groove and warped hook makes for an addictive slice of dancefloor bliss sure to get all the steppers and shufflers plenty of room to do their thing.

Check the beats and keep your eyes and ears open for T>I’s LP project to hit before the end of the year. In the meantime, lock in your copy of T>I’s Cold Cuts EP here.