This year has proven to be exceptionally monumental within the sphere of bass music, with numerous producer putting their best work forward while welcomed by the masses. As we look to wrap up 2018, it is impossible to ignore the talents that the young UK-based Tisoki, a producer who has had his best year yet and is on the path to an even bigger and better year ahead. With his fresh and progressive approach to the booming genre that’s earned him cuts on some of the most influential imprints like BuygoreOWSLA, and most recently, Never Say Die Records in the form of his Everybody Dies EP that improves his catalogue of impressive tracks of all forms under his belt while proving his status as one of bass music’s promising acts.

Referring to his Everybody Dies EP as some of his strongest work to date, Tisoki explores a plethora of genres in one immersive EP that maintains a strong hold on his strong foundation of heavy dubstep in one body of work. Among the impressive tracks, “Gave You Love” particularly stands out offering up a balanced journey that pulls the project together perfectly. With an uplifting, euphoric introduction, “Gave You Love” immediately pulls you into your feels before guiding through a jumpy, melodic drop that’s sure to get the masses rockin’ off a dizzy high. Make sure you stick around for the second drop, though as it aims to end things off on that same transcending vibe that got you hooked in the first place as it trails off into the background and leaves you in a delirious trance.

Tisoki’s Everbody Dies EP is out today on Never Say Die Records, so make sure you grab your copy here and be sure to rinse out “Gave You Love” to get your weekend off on the right foot!