TLZMN “Battle Drums”
TLZMN “Battle Drums”

The ever-mysterious TLZMN continues to impress with his prodigious output seemingly fueled by some mystical combination of sorcery and technical mastery. With his Sanctum EP dropping on Wakaan tomorrow, the seven-track project offers a glimpse into the otherworldly realms in which the producer seems to call home.

Resistant to any simple genre classifications, TLZMN merges drum and bass and hip-hop together in a bass-driven style that fits within the freeform ethos that Wakaan has come to represent. Emerging from the dark recesses of the outer edges of the dancefloor, the hypnotic syncopation that drives each tune on the EP offers a slow burn that alternates between restless dreamscapes and full-fledged razor-tipped beasts unleashed in the night.

Take the shivering “Battle Drums” that we’re offering up as a premiere today. Born from the militant DNA of drum and bass, the resulting surge of adrenaline is tempered by a kind of fear-inducing rhythm that hovers over the proceedings and speaks to some primitive part of the brain.

TLZMN describes it best when he says that “Battle Drums” and the rest of the tunes on the EP come from a mix of “self awareness” and “true intention”: “To discover, compose and create in a world immersed in darkness, one must derive true intention through the darkness from powers within. Most honored, our Sanctum within.  Sorcery is actualized when self-awareness is formulated, guarded and developed.”

The full Sanctum EP arrives tomorrow so to presave your own portal into the TLZMN’s netherworld be sure to click here.