Tobax Adds a ‘Blur Effect’ to the Hard Edges of Neurofunk
Tobax Adds a ‘Blur Effect’ to the Hard Edges of Neurofunk

It’s pretty clear that Tobax is not low on ideas this year, as this Blur Effect EP, out now on C4C Recordings, is already his second after Seized Moments released on Eatbrain just three months ago. Tobax has also had tracks on Bad Taste, Kill Tomorrow and C4C in various compilations. The man’s a stem factory, it seems. Blur Effect, however, is a definite highlight.

With his rapid-fire releases this year, Tobax doesn’t sacrifice on quality. With Blur Effect, he’s come up with some of the most innovative neurofunk yet seen this year on any label. The title track, for example, as all the trappings of a neuro dancefloor stinker but it’s also got some really fun synth loops that sound like motorcycles revving and hearken back to 80s synth composition. The intro and break also have some beautiful melodic keys and strings that sound like they could work in a gothic metal tune just as well as a neuro track. This track is a reminder not to skip your music theory lessons, kids; they always pay off in composition.

Unlike his last EP, Blur Effect is all Tobax tracks with no collabs, though he does throw in a sweet remix of the Gydra track “Beatdown.” “Levelcrusher” is a study in how far one can glitch out every single bit of a track while the afore-mentioned Gydra remix flips the beat progression of the original on its head, forcing the listener to see the track from a directly opposite perspective. Finally, the EP closes with “Frozen Bubble,” a sharp, twisted techno track with syncopated drums, minimal, ’90s-esque synths and a maddening high hat. Talk about “blurring” the lines between electronic genres.

While he’s more than satisfied the neuro gods with this EP, Blur Effect shows that Tobax is also not afraid to throw a wild card into the mix when it comes to putting out music he’s passionate about. With labels like C4C and Eatbrain backing him, there’s no telling which lines Tobax plans on “blurring” next.

Blur Effect is out worldwide today on C4C Recordings and is available to purchase on Beatport or to stream on Spotify.