While it’s been far too long since we’ve been able to commune on the dancefloor, Trampa keeps it 100 and goes all in for the NSD: Black Label family with the unhinged bass-driven chest-thumper known as “Your Luv.”

Designed to pull at our heart strings as we head into Valentine’s Day weekend, Trampa eases into things with an old-school breakbeat vibe sure to have the OG ravers out there and new-school rail-riders alike chomping at the bit.

Still, don’t let the playful vibes of the intro fool you, once this one spirals into the darkness you know exactly what kind of rugged love Trampa is down with. Strictly for those who like it filthy, this Valentine’s Day treat is an homage to our love of the dancefloor and all the memories we’ve made on it over the years. With rib-rattling bass and a whiplash-inducing vocal hook, this one is sure to wake you from your pandemic-induced slumber and have you aching for just five minutes with this tune in a club with all the squad wilding out beside you.

This one’s out now so let Trampa break your heart and head here.