Photo by @alexjameslondon

The bass-god Trampa has just dropped his long awaited debut LP, Disrespect, on Never Say Die and it’s everything our black hearts could hope for.

Best known for his ability to work crowds into a feeding frenzy on the dancefloor, the rough and rugged vibes of Trampa are unleashed full force on this epic ten-track project. Still, while his signature razor-toothed sound forms the backbone of the piece, Trampa flexes in a surprising direction as he incorporates a wide range of bass and hip hop influences into the mix for a filthy rinseout of the highest order.Collaborators and co-conspirators like Space Laces, Vulgatron (of Foreign Beggars fame), Killa P, and UK rapper Nolay, make this one a cool and seductive mix of US dubstep and UK bass-rap-grime. Oh, and just to keep things 100, Trampa even dips into drum and bass territory to provide listeners with a complete rave-in-your-mind experience.

With the pandemic having brought live shows to a halt across the globe, Trampa seems to have taken advantage of the situation to explore different realms and vibes then he’s used to. Perhaps anticipating the negative feedback he might get for drifting from his traditional sound, the title of the album is a nod to the ‘disrespect’ that gets tossed around on social media far too often and with little thought of what the damage might be to the headspace of the artists on the receiving end.

No matter the meaning behind the title of the LP, one gets the feeling that Trampa has had enough of being locked down and is rattling the cage and chomping his teeth, eager to get back on the road, raining bass-bombs on the dancefloor everywhere he goes.

This one drops today via Never Say Die so check the heat below and download/stream your copy here.