Transcending Through Space with LUZCID
Transcending Through Space with LUZCID

As bass music continues to evolve into different dimensions, more and more producers bring their own contributions that help the genre progress, and there’s no doubt that LUZCID is becoming one of the better-known artists responsible for helping the expansion of the culture. From humble beginnings in Houston, Texas, LUZCID has transformed from a kid dreaming of contributing to bass music culture to seeing those dreams come to fruition in full force. With his unique, atmospheric touch to the genre, LUZCID continues to impress with his ability to deliver an experience unlike any other.

With his latest contribution to Flux Pavilion’s massive Earwax compilation project on Circus Records and a ton of bookings at upcoming festivals this season, we decided to catch up with the man himself. If you want some behind the scenes jazz regarding his recent releases, how he got his start, and where he’s heading, keep reading!

How’s everything going lately?
Everything has been great! It has been a fantastic festival season and I have been writing tons of new music!

You’ve had some recent releases with Circus Records, how did those come about?
I have been listening to Circus for years now, and they have always been an inspiration to my sound. So naturally we reached out to see if they would be interested in some songs and several releases were set up. We first did “Liquid Lightning,” then “Sing Me To Sleep” and the remix EP—and now “Laid Back.” It has been a great experience!

“Laid Back” was a part of Flux Pavilion’s Earwaxcompilation. Congrats! Tell us a little bit how you came to be a part of the massive completion.
There were a handful of songs they were interested in right off the bat when we reached out, but they said a few could use an alteration. “Laid Back” started out as a super spacey breakdown track I used to play mid sets as a cool down or reset, but not really meant to be a dance track. It was originally called “Black Hole” because the soundscape was meant to sound like the Big Bang and the beginning of the universe. They suggested it could be remade into a cool dance track—so “Laid Back” was born.

How does it feel to have a track be a part of the compilation?
It feels great to be able to contribute toward Circus Records and Flux Pavilion because I have been looking up to them for about a decade now. This all honestly feels surreal when I look back 4 or 5 years ago. Super grateful!

You’ve come a long way since you started producing. Can you tell us about how you initially got involved?
Before I started going to EDM shows, I had always been introverted in large social gatherings. I had never “danced” before. I was kind of afraid to be myself unless it was with people I really felt comfortable with. Then a friend brought me to a show in my college town and it blew my mind how open, friendly and encouraging everyone was. It was so freeing. I knew I needed to be a part of this. A few months later, I went to my first major show which was Rusko’s show at Webster Hall in 2009 where he opened with “Original Sin – Take No More.” After that I was like, “Whatever he just did looks like the most fun thing I have ever seen, I gotta do that.” At that point I didn’t even know how many notes were in the musical scale. Literally zero musical background aside from playing “Hot Cross Buns” on the recorder in third grade. Getting to share the stage with him this past year in Brooklyn was pretty epic and full circle. He still is crushing the dance moves 10 years later!

I didn’t even know how many notes were in the musical scale. Literally zero musical background aside from playing 'Hot Cross Buns' on the recorder in third grade.

Who are some of the artists you look to for inspiration?
A lot of the OGs have inspired me for years, and continue to do so today. There is a huge Bassnectar influence that’s obviously prevalent in my sound. I have always loved the dark yet bouncy Circus Records style like Doctor P and Flux Pavilion. Currently, my sound is most inspired by Liquid Stranger. I have always been a fan, but his latest releases are from another planet; love it! A lot of the artists rising through the ranks like Zeke Beats, Proko, Peekaboo, Subtronics, and Conrak are also making some killer unique tunes. I have definitely done dozens of rewinds on these guys tracks in the studio thinking, “How did they do this shit?!”

Given how far you’ve come since your start, what’s next for LUZCID?
I have loads of creative conceptual ideas for visual and story aspects being brought to the set. The idea is just to keep building to make the releases and live shows the best most unique experience for everyone involved!

Any festivals or shows you are particularly looking forward to this season?
I am really looking forward to High Caliber! I heard so many great things last year; so many good friends are playing it. Also, I am very excited for Electric Zoo! It was one of my first festivals and the first place I saw Bassnectar!

Thanks so chatting with us! Any last minute shout outs you want to leave us with?
Shout out to Circus Records and Bassrush and all the other tastemakers and curators out there who are pushing the freeform bass movement. It has been so amazing to see all the variety this year on the main stages. I know the fans love it as well! Looking forward to seeing the future of the scene with so many fantastic people pushing to make it great!