Critical Music prepare to unleash the next volume in their legendary Binary series with none other than Trex at the helm. Known for his ability to plumb the depths of the deep and heavy side of the drum and bass universe, the 22nd volume in the series features Trex at his finest.

Charting a course into the seismic depths of the dancefloor, we’re stoked to be able to offer a first-glimpse at one of our absolute favorite cuts off from the forthcoming four-tracker, “Everybody.” From the subtle but insistent intro that slowly builds a groove one layer at at time, it isn’t until the bottom end comes rumbling in that you know what you’re in for. Equal weight is given to the dancefloor as it is to the hypnotic nature of getting lost in your headphones as this cut takes control of your soul.

With the days edging nearer where we can feel a cut like this on a proper rib-rattling rig, the precise sonic expertise that Trex is flexing transcends all formats and forms and is sure to have your DNA swerving into the ever-evolving groove.

“Getting to release my first EP with Critical is a seismic milestone for me and validation that my music is moving in the right way,” Trex tells us. “This EP came together organically with no pressure to conform and I had fun just writing beats as I always do. I think the four tracks represent my vibe which doesn’t necessarily fit into any one sub genre but can be tied together through an energy presented in the tracks.”

The energy and passion for the project comes through with each intricately crafted detail so check the cut below and be sure to lock in your copy of the full EP before it drops on March 29 here.