Trip Out on Dack Janiels’ “LSDemon”
Trip Out on Dack Janiels’ “LSDemon” Photo by Cody Babineau

It’s Friday again, so you know what that means—an all new “Black Friday” release from the ever-essential NSD: Black Label. Up next in the rotation is one of our favorite Los Angeles-based producers, Dack Janiels, hitting us with the aptly titled “LSDemon.”

Doing what he does best, Dack lures you in with a taunting intro that hints at the madness that’ll soon take over your eardrums, your body, and your soul. Leaving hardly any time to ease into things, Dack jumps into a relentless bass drop sure to have you feeling like the walls are closing in. Pulling up just long enough for you to try and catch your breath in the midst of the unstoppable bass massacre, the second drop comes roaring in making sure you’re weak in the knees from the annihilation.

It’s obvious that Dack Janiels is on an unstoppable roll as he’s not only been spending a ton of time in the studio making bangers for his fans, but zooming from city to city playing sold out shows with no signs of pumping the brakes! Make sure you keep your ears locked on Dack as there’s no doubt more heat headed this way from the 40oz lab! And if you’re one of the lucky ones at EDC in Vegas this weekend be sure to catch Dack dropping fire Friday night on the Wide Awake Art Car!