Prepare to get that head cracked as Tsuruda unleashes an epic four-tracker on Deadbeats sure to rewire your synapses along the way.

Best known for his unrelenting ability to push the boundaries of bass music in all its forms, the heavyweight Deathwish EP that dropped today is some of the finest work that Tsuruda has turned in to date. Following on his debut Deadbeats single, “Lazer” the four-tracker spans the gap between the downtempo chill-out lounge to the full-on rib-rattling festival fury.

As Tsuruda tells us: “Yo, in this economy, doing music full time be a deathwish in and of itself. It’s been a hard year for everyone in the music game on all fronts. This a collection of four songs and it’s just me being me, no filter. There’s some house vibes, a riddim joint, even a track where I spit some bars. Wanted to give y’all some variety and express myself as an artist in full form. I hope y’all enjoy it cause I had a lot of fun making it!”

This one pops off today so turn down the lights and dive headfirst into the full Deathwish experience below before locking your own download/stream in here.