Tsuruda Shreds on “Caustic”
Tsuruda Shreds on “Caustic” Photo by Strayaways Media

Surfacing on SoundCloud over the weekend with the hashtag #takingthepiss and the equally cryptic description, “idc. blowing off steam. will delete in 15 minutes.”, the mind-bending Tsuruda dropped a proper stinker in the form of “Caustic.”

We don’t know if it’s something he genuinely knocked out over the course of a few hours or slaved over for weeks on end but the results are pure unadulterated filth. From the haunting swirl of fear the intro induces on through to the marrow-melting industrial core of the tune proper, Tsuruda is in top form.

Never content to just roll things out, Tsuruda keeps switching things up with the call and response between the layers making for an exquisite two-and-a-half minute journey through what we hope will transform into a full-fledged release someday.

For now, check the heat and lock in your tickets to see the man flexing in the flesh alongside Noisia and Ivy Lab at the Bassrush x Division special event coming to Los Angeles on June 29.