The self-proclaimed “anime dubstep connoisseur” known as TwO K1nD is back up to his old tricks, this time dumping some heavyweight wobbles on the Echoes Collective family.

With releases on imprints ranging from Disciple Roundtable, Subsidia, Reinelex Music, and BassCapital Records that aptly titled “Digital” on Echoes Collective signals an evolution in the filthy sound as TwO K1nD seems to dive even deeper into the machine.

From the trap-driven vocal that rides over an eerie atmosphere to the haunted wolf-howl that brings on the shivers, once that modem connects to the matrix, you know it’s on. From there on out TwO K1nD hits where it hurts with a digitized side-chain flex sure to make those ribs bounce.

This one’s out now via Echoes Collective so check the Bassrush Premiere below and lock yours in here.