Tyke Plants a Sacred Seed on ‘Flower of Life’
Tyke Plants a Sacred Seed on ‘Flower of Life’

I hope I can help to bring good music to the world.

Tyke’s eclectic sounding, highly conceptual Flower of Life EP is about to blossom on Real Playaz. Inspired by sophisticated science, sacred geometry and a love for the cosmos, his fourth EP marks another classic release from the London-based producer.

Known for his chameleon-like production skillset, Tyke puts forth some diverse cuts on this six track EP. The summer-drenched reggae vibes of “No Mans Land” and the dimensional bass frequencies on “Little Universe” give listeners plenty of options to suit their personal palate. Bassrush caught up with the mad scientist himself to dish about what influenced Flower of Life, and his new label Holographic Audio.


Where did the inspiration behind Flower of Life stem?
It’s weird as I seemed to have taken influence from the day-to-day things that interest me and surround me all the time. In previous projects I’ve been influenced from more of a darker place, but that’s not me. The darker side was engineered by late movie nights watching and reading all kinds of surreal, freaky and dark horror as to ascertain a certain vibe and feel.

So it all came to you quite organically?
Normally what or whom we surround ourselves with we become—I’ve always tried to take this on board in a creative way. This time around there wasn’t much of that at all, but I think for my next endeavor I’ll try and experiment a bit differently and see where I can go musically.

Looking back, I feel like this project is more of a true reflection of my interests at the time; the music is that which made me vibe. Sometimes it works and 95 percent of the time it doesn’t. A lot of the music off this project came naturally to me. I had some low points throughout making it, but in general it was easygoing and smooth. It took roughly seven months I’d say, [and there was] a lot of material I didn’t end up using.

What was the process like collaborating with Prestige and the elusive Vegetarian Zombie?
Easy as usual, they’re both close friends and really easy to work alongside. Prestige and I have been working together for ages now; he is really talented and natural. Collaborations are so much better when they are not forced, just like any solo tracks. Like when you stumble on an idea or it all just fits together quick and easy; that was the case with both of these.

We’ve heard about a bonus track up for grabs.
You can grab “Large Looking Ley Lines” from the Playaz store; this was probably the first track I finished for the EP project way back last summer.

Now that you’ve wrapped up the EP how do you plan to spend the rest of your summer?
Sadly it doesn’t look like I’m going to get a holiday outside of the UK this year as my diary has filled up quite a bit. I might be going to Wales to rent a cottage for a week or so as I plan on moving there in the near future. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some fresh air and peace and quiet before coming back to the madness of London.

The theme of sacred geometry and the belief that we are all connected seems to tie into your recently launched Holographic Audio imprint.
Yeah, I just hope within that project I can help to bring good music to the world.

Is this interview real or a virtual simulation?
The interview is holographic and virtual but you and I are real. [Laughs]