UBUR flips the script once again for the NSD family with a monstrous four-tracker designed to blow your mind. Centered on a freeform experimental vibe that forms the backbone of the Relinquish EP, UBUR delivers the goodies as only he can do with some synapse-twisting acrobatics sure to have you pounding your chest and howling at the moon. Whether you’re here for the head-banging title cut done up with Syzy or the dangerous computer grind of “Geeked Up” or “Milked Argument,” it’s obvious that UBUR is operating at the top of his game.

Still, it’s his foray into 170+ bpm territory that had our jaws dropping at Bassrush HQ. The aptly titled, “Bulletproof” that we’re premiering today is a funky drum and bass flex with an otherworldly jump-up vibe. With just the right amount of bounce built into the dank vibes at the core, this one puts a new spin on the filth that UBUR can kick and we are all about it.

Cranking up the heat from the get-go the addictive groove and intricately layered atmosphere will leaving you begging for more when that mid-tune breakdown comes easing in. But no sooner than you’ve settled in and found your footing, UBUR lets the pressure build to the breaking point before diving back in to the synapse-twisting belly of the tune proper.

Big tune! Big EP! Big vibes as only UBUR can do so lock yours in here as this one’s out today: https://NSD.lnk.to/NSDX170