Ulterior Motive’s 5 Essential Drum & Bass Remixes
Ulterior Motive’s 5 Essential Drum & Bass Remixes

When Ulterior Motive dropped their Fourth Wall album on Metalheadz in 2014, there was no doubt that the UK-based duo had fully arrived as artists. Touted as one of the best albums of the year by Knowledge Mag, the south coast crew have recently brought back our favorite bits off the album with a hand-selected lineup of heavy-hitters on remix duties. Featuring Break, Icicle, Lenzman, Xtrah, and Mark System on the case, you know there’s no mucking around as the Metalheadz fam went all-in and gave this one the all-star treatment it deserves.

With a solo EP for Shogun Audio on the way alongside a nonstop touring schedule through UK and Europe that will carry them into the new year, we thought we’d keep to the theme of their remix EP and catch up with the duo to get their take on five of their all-time favorite drum & bass remixes. Check their essential selections below and be sure to snatch up your own copy of the six-track Fourth Wall Remixes EP via Metalheadz here.

Basement Jaxx “Fly Life” (Roni Size Flyzs Mix) (Multiply, 1997)
“Roni Size could do no wrong in ‘97. Absolutely massive bassline with raw vibes and tons of energy. If you don’t know this remix you’re in for a treat!”

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Kemal “Animation” (Konflict Remix) (Architecture, 2000)
“Again, an exercise in percussion. Konflict have never been tested when it comes to tech funk. The pressure in this tune is immense.”

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Rob & Goldie “The Shadow” (Process Mix) (Moving Shadow, 1997)
“As far as intros and interpretations go, ‘The Shadow’ (Process Mix) was 20 years ahead of its time; when the breaks drop on this it absolutely lets off.”

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Solid State “Just A Vision” (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix) (Renegade, 2005)
“Marcus and ST Files really turned this one on its head; so much funk and soul squeezed into one record! This was the start of a great era for the Soul:r camp.”

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Photek “Ni Ten Ichi Ryu” (TeeBee Remix) (Photek, 2006)
“TeeBee turns his hand to one of the true masters of the craft, Photek’s “Ni Ten Ichi Ryu,” and does it justice with real drum acrobatics.”

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