The incomparable German genius known as Current Value has been exploring new venues for his releases lately, having guested on Bou’s Souped Up label, remixed for Zombie Cats and dropped a scathing dancefloor badboy of an EP on Korsakov Music over the last year. He even collabed on a track with Rene LaVice for his Exposed compilation album on DeVice. Now that was a partnership no one saw coming, and the resulting track “Lose Control” was a match made in rave heaven.

Now, as part of this recent musical Glastnost, Current Value is about to release his first EP ever on Eatbrain. Power Cube drops on Monday, April 25 and contains even more surprises from the experimental crossover mad scientist than just a change of scenery. Current Value’s dark and heavy sounds are still there and more than a match for Eatbrain’s style, but synth and syncopation seem to be what we’re exploring this time, with loads of modded mid lines.

The title track on Power Cube is probably the most indicative of the style shift that’s been going on with Current Value, really since “That Smile,” if we’re trying to track it. The vintage, slightly vaporish synths rule this track, as one can just imagine Mr. Value surrounded by a wraparound, multi-tiered keyboard hooked up to 80s-style wired mods, just banging away. It’s also the most Eatbrain-esque, as said synths are gnarled and grimy as they go on their weird journey through the infinite abyss that is the minimal sound design.

EP closer “Circulate” is lighter in feel than “Power Cube” and seems almost a continuation of it, though it’s glitched out to the max rather than having a followable synth pattern. The apex of this track devolves into experimental chaos with lots of video game bleeps and bloops. It sort of sounds like an actual power cube of the surge protector variety trying to manage a Ninetndo GameCube, trying to keep them both from misfiring.

While “Power Cube” and “Circulate” are heavy, glitchy and experimental, the EP’s first track and today’s streaming premiere “Possibility” is melodic and ravey with a throwback rave tone bringing said  melody and a sort of tornado of sounds accompanying it. It’s so melodic and sound designy that it’s almost ethereal, which is a new look for Current Value. Glitch and crunch fans need not worry, however, as those grinding “That Smile”-style sub synths are also there in spades to ensure no one gets too blissed out. The danciest track of the trio, “Possibility” isn’t also without its anomalies, however. Is that beat line made of breath and teeth sucking mouth noises? How does he come up with this stuff?

The larger drum & bass world is excited to have the normally somewhat reclusive Current Value stretching his limits lately, and it’s clearly producing some epic results. Not that that isn’t always the case with this untouchable talent. It is surprising, however, given Jade’s A&R acumen and CV’s flawless style, that Power Cube is his first EP on the Eatbrain imprint. Here’s hoping it’s not the last.

Power Cube drops on Eatbrain Monday, April 25. Click here to pre-order.