Emperor reigns supreme this year, dominating the charts with two noteworthy drum and bass EP’s and his experimental Polychoral EP under his Monuman pseudonym. Most recently appearing on the No Sleep ‘Til series in Japan and Iceland—where The Upbeats unite with other amazing artists on location, collectively immersing themselves in the local culture. They’ve cooked up something special, birthing inspired tracks like the meditative collab “Hideaway” and the headstrong drum n’ bass “DumDum” (grab them here).

Mastering the art of musical duality, Emperor has racked up sixty-thousand streams in sixty-five countries around the globe. He’s connected with fans across the world from throwing down in sunny Los Angeles to devastating festivals like Let It Roll in EU, its safe to say Emperor has made the most of 2018. Feeling festive, Emperor was kind enough to gift us an exclusive multi-genre Spotify playlist, be sure to read about his favorite cuts below.

I only discovered Lorn this year, but his music has blown me away. There’s a lot of mysterious elements about both him and his music which is fascinating. Every album feels like travelling into a different one of his worlds. Perfect soundtrack for being on the London Underground.

Monuman “Sasquatch”
One from my other alias, from the Polychoral EP. Had tons of fun making this one, a lot more to come!

Misanthrop & Synergy “Slap the Ghost”
High octane, fun, immaculate production, and very Nëu. The pairing of Misanthrop and Synergy works really well here, been playing it out a lot and it works a treat.

Emperor “Silenced”
One from my newly released Box Cutter EP. Really tried to dig into building atmosphere on this track. Inspired by a lot of Skeptical and Alix Perez, less is more really.

Clown Core “Truth and Life”
“Humanity must create art in some form to fulfill its purpose and people around you need more love than you realize.”