UZ “Gone” (Tascione Remix)
UZ “Gone” (Tascione Remix)

Back with another Quality Goods Records release, UZ‘s Layers LP is given the remix treatment and one of our favorites is coming from the very talented Tascione. Stepping up to rework “Gone” with rapper Kevin Flume on the vocals, the Philly-born and bred don Tascione flexes hard and whips the cut into a frenzied trap-killer.

Lifting off from a slow-burning intro, Tascione takes his time in letting the fuse sizzle before dumping all the goods on dancefloor. When the smash-and-grab hook comes crashing in, the hustling vocals keep time while the bass bombs on the bottom keep the walls and chests rattling proper.

It’s a massive look for Tascione, whose reputation as a leading force on the team continues to inspire the next generation of producers hoping to step up and follow in his footsteps.

If you’re feeling the Tascione sound, don’t forget there’s still 14 more tracks to check on the full Layers (The Remixes) album! With squad like Perk Pietrek, Pham, Holly, Machinedrum, Avance, sfam, Teddy Killerz, UNKWN, Ian Munro, DMVU, sumthin sumthin, Tapecut and Yvng Jalapeño rounding out the remix crew, trust this is one to buy on sight.

Drops November 17 so lock in your pre-order here.