Having recently dropped his very first music video—in addition to playing shows and festivals every weekend and spearheding a massive marketing campaign for his first full-length album, due to drop this week—it’s safe to say Dubloadz is a pretty busy guy.

With countless bangers released on some of the heaviest hitting labels like SMOG, Never Say Die, and making a home with Disciple, it’s no surprise that Dubloadz would push the boundaries of his own skill set and create a full-length album for his fans. But there’s no way fans could have prepared for the work of art that Dubloadz and the 9000 Ghosts brings to the table. From the album artwork to the animations to the epic trolling and array of sound design presented on this album, there is no doubt Dubloadz has poured his heart and soul into this epic project for his countless fans.

We got a chance to get up close and personal with Dubloadz himself and dig deeper into the inspiration behind the album, what he hopes his fans can take away from the project, and what’s to come in the future. Make sure to support and grab your copy of the album when it drops on August 10 by clicking here and soak in the wonky riddim rat vibes via the in-depth interview below!