Virus Syndicate return to the chopping block with a massive 4-tracker for the ever-essential Disciple family.

Aptly titled, ‘The Resistance’ EP, the release follows up on their SIPPY collab “Who’s in Charge” and wastes no time raising the bar once again. With heavy-hitters ranging from the likes of Ace Aura, Ecraze, Graphyt, Heritage, and Whales weighing in on the proceedings, the resulting head-twisting journey moves from street-level swagger to intoxicating hypnotism with ease.

Throughout it all, Virus Syndicate’s inimitable flow holds center stage and drives home the addictive energy of each cut, with perhaps the best merging of chest-thumping lyricism going down on one of our favorite cuts from the EP: “Paradox.”

Swerving into the synaptic lane with a boom, the cut we’re proud to premiere today features Ecraze and Graphyt lending their skills to the proceedings in a way that hurts as much as it heals. From quote-worthy vocal drops like “Peace and love and guidance, I don’t really want to violence” to the glitched-out alien DNA of the tune proper, the tune is sure to set it off in clubs and festivals alike in the months to come.

As Virus Syndicate tell us: “We are really excited to be back on Disciple with our first EP in 18 months. The Resistance EP is symbolic of our current state of mind and the space where we find ourselves in personally. The opening track ‘Paradox’, produced by Graphyte and Ecraze, is reflective of some of the internal conflict we have been experiencing over the past 18 months whilst Track 2, ‘Level’, produced by Ace Aura, is about how we have personally been feeling about our music careers in light of world events. Track 3 with Hairiatge is about how much we just want to get back out there traveling the world and performing our songs whilst Track 4 is a statement of intent. Virus Syndicate are back and it’s time to give them what they’ve been asking for.”

The full ‘Resistance EP’ hits the streets on Friday, April 15 so dive into the beats below and pre-save your copy of the full EP here.