Vision is Alive and Well With Posij’s ‘Pulp’
Vision is Alive and Well With Posij’s ‘Pulp’

Today’s breaking news with Noisia’s labels, Vision and Division, is that they will keep running as usual despite Noisia’s ostensible split, announced last week. Said news comes on the back of an absolute monster of an EP from Posij, so buckle up. Pulp released today; it’s a rare all-D&B offering from Posij and it contains all the best stuff from the diverse, experimental-minded artist that he is.

Vision teased three of the four tracks before today’s release of Pulp. “Derivative” is anchored by whip-fast, snare-driven drums but in an interesting twist, the melodies and synths are largely dark or neuro in nature. It also has some really eerie, 80s-derived ambient sound design. The name of the game with this one was about playing with analog drums and twisted synths for sure.

“Alien Dweep,” also teased yesterday, in Posij’s own words, “has a synthesized alien language of my own in the beginning of the song.” Indeed, the synths do sound like some intelligent dark drum & bass a’la 90s Usual Suspects that seems to be saying something; if it’s his own alien language, so much the better. Either way it’s another definite slapper with some whip-fast synths which make sure there’s a jazzy, dancefloor element to the track no matter what language the “lyrics” are in or how weird the synths and sound design get.

“A Car That Cranks” is the most obviously experimental track on Pulp and it most certainly does crank. The mad Dutchman uses actual scrambled car samples to create the synths. A really interesting rolling, chunky line in the background might be a secondary bassline or it could be counted as a more ambient synth. Tying all this madness together is a beat which is as close to jump up as Posij gets but this track likely won’t even be recognized as such because there’s so much more going on.

“Drive” is the only track fans can’t stream yet but it definitely puts a period on the end of the Pulpsentence with more jazzy, slappy drums. One could pontificate that this EP was heavily influenced by cars and space vehicles but generally one won’t have time because of all the head-nodding, dancefloor-skanking, glitchy fun. As a follow-up to Posij’s Cocoon LP a few months ago on Division, Pulp unequivocally shows his massive capacity for diversity, fun, and most of all drum & bass.

Pulp is out today and can be found for early purchase and streaming here.