With the smoke still settling after the stunning success of their recent collaboration “Just a Memory”, Volt & Slushii return to the scene of the crime with the aptly-titled “Rattle Your Bones” on Welcome Records.

Diving straight into the darkness, the bass-driven rib-cracker channels the kind of energy that’s sure to have you and the squad going beastmode on the dancefloor.

Haunting vocal clips and Halloween-worthy sound fx swirl around the electrifying backbone of the tune proper. While the first drop cracks things open on a hard trap vibe, the second half of the tune features a dubstep floor-killer that lives up to the wall-trembling hype of its name.

As Volt tells it, “This song first came about was Slushii and I were on tour together and one night before the show in the hotel room we wrote the first drop to play at the show. Then about 3 months later I stumbled back across the project file. When I heard it I was in love again like the first time hearing it so I started on the intro. My main inspiration for this song was to make it feel like the intro of a horror movie, pulling inspiration from the movie scoring world. After a super creepy intro we try to hit you with that mind melting drop that is in your face.”

This one’s out now so prepare for the facemelt and lock yours in here.