If you like your bass on the monstrous tip then Volt and Garrood have exactly what you need on the aptly titled “Kill.” Going all in on the collab front with a retro-horror vibe introducing the proceedings, keep your eyes on that bassline as once the full fury of the tune is unloaded, there’s no telling what kind of mayhem will erupt on the dancefloor.

Flexing necks is what this tune is all about and while the pair ease up for a quick breather halfway through the cut, it’s a short respite before diving back into the unholy mayhem at the core.

With rumors of even more releases on the way including some epic remixes and a top-tier collab in the can, Volt continues to shine so keep your eyes and ears peeled in the coming months as he continues to electrify the masses.

For now, dig your teeth into his collaborative thriller with the ever-impressive Garrood out now on Volt Music. Download/stream here.