Vulgatron continues to deliver his devastating flow with his latest cut dropping on Never Say Die. While his work with Foreign Beggars was top-notch, Vulgatron seems to have elevated the game with his work since the trio disbanded and he was turned loose on the bass music scene.

Take his latest salvo, “Blind,” featuring none other than Oddprophet in the cut. Having come off a stellar year in his own right, Oddprophet is the perfect choice to lay down the heavy foundation for Vulgatron to flex over.

Unleashing the beast right from the get-go, the pair waste no time pushing past the melody-driven intro before kicking down the doors and letting the aggressive heart of the tune unfold. Mech-driven pain quickly rains down upon the dancefloor as the high-pitched scream of the top end makes for a proper chest-thumping romp through the darkside.

This massive cut is out now so lock yours in here and let’s hope for some more Vulgatron and Oddprophet pairings in the near future.