The Dutch producer known as Waeys continues to make big moves in the drum and bass scene as his latest outing on Critical Music can attest.

Known for a tech-driven razor sharp ethos, the three-track EP he’s just dropped on the masses lives up to the reputation he’s building behind the scenes. Featuring collars with Levela and Particle, as well as the vocal talents of Duskee, the entire EP is an exquisite dive into the deeper, hypnotic side of the dancefloor.

While all the cuts hit the brain stem in just the right way, it’s the title cut, “Snoar” that really gets us moving. If you like your tech funky, then this one is for you as Waeys sets up an untouchable groove built on a swirling call and response between the layers. Elements drift in and out while the top line keeps things hustling at an proper pace before the mid-range hook gives way to various switchbacks and evolving rhythms.

It’s a jaw-dropper from top to bottom and is equally at home at a desert renegade under a full moon as it is rattling your ribs at a festival.┬áThis one is out now via the ever-essential Critical Music so download / stream here.