Was A Be and Synth Ethics Fry Synapses for Critical
Was A Be and Synth Ethics Fry Synapses for Critical

Continuing to live up to their reputation of being on the cutting edge, Critical Music once again delivers the goods, this time in the form of an epic four-track EP from Italian duos Was A Be and Synth Ethics. While both crews have been on the come up in their own right, every now and then the bass gods throw us a special in the form of an unexpected collaboration that pops in the most amazing way.

That’s the case here as the two crews not only lock horns but turn out some of the most exciting boundary-pushing drum & bass we’ve heard in a minute for the 11th volume of Critical’s Systems series. With an expert sense of timing and production prowess, the resulting four-tracker conjures up a mix of classic sci-fi techstep and neurofunk while equally smashing the boundaries on the old school and channeling the vibes into a futuristic mutation that’s all its own.

Whether it’s the grime and bass of “Too Much” or the leftfield leaning boss level twitch of “Don’t Sleep” that captures your ears, there’s no doubt that the pummeling drum line of “Cloud Break” make you feel like you’ve entered an entirely new world. Our favorite off the EP has to be “Resolute” as the swirling atmospheres, hustling percussion and zombie creep at the vocal drop make for a goosebump-inducing interplay between bass elements and the top end. It’s a proper dancefloor thriller that displays the very best

“Resolute” hustling percussion, swirling atmospheres, zombie creep at the vocal drop, shivering top-end brings on the goosebumps while the interplay between bass elements make this one a proper dancefloor thriller for the chin-stroking and shuffling set alike.

Full EP drops tomorrow so brace yourself and lock in your pre-order here.