The Seattle-based WAVHART comes roaring out of the gate with a jaw-dropping EP for Reid Speed’s ever-essential Play Me Records imprint.

Spanning a variety of bass-driven genres that ride the fine line between dreamscapes and the dancefloor, the cinematic atmospheres that form the backbone of his To The End EP are sure to hit where it hurts.

With just the right twist of darkness lurking at the edges, the haunting melancholia on display in the drum and bass-infused title track that we’re premiering below captures the essence of the stunning vision the young producer is capable of.

To dive deeper into the process as well as the mind behind the release, we thought we’d not only premiere “To The End” below but also check in with WAVHART for a Q&A as well.

Check the beats followed by the interview below and don’t forget to lock in your copy of WAVHART’s To The End EP that’s out now via Play Me Records here.

What was the inspiration for your latest EP, To The End?
The idea behind this EP was to showcase a bit of versatility. For the title track, I wanted the overall songwriting/arrangement to take the front seat. It’s definitely my ADHD producer anthem which is a style I’ve differed from since the song’s creation.

“Dream State” is just a big experiment with some tools I’d never really delved into with sound design. Its quite an angry tune which I thought piggybacked off of the title track’s sad/melancholy vibe.

The final tune [“Impulse”] is more of a callback and fusion with styles I’ve focused more heavily on in the past. Before drum and bass, I was making mostly house music, so I felt that the track overall captured a good medium between the two.

How have your influences affected the music you make?
Growing up I listened to and played a bunch of rock. I grew up in Seattle and by default was introduced to the grunge scene by my family. I liked the dark and heavy stuff, but I always loved a melodically catchy hook, whether that be vocals or some sort of riff. So taking those two things, grit and melody, I find myself standing between a pretty balanced mix of those flavors throughout my own music. Theres nothing like making a gnarly banger though.

What’s next for WAVHART?
As of right now I’m in the middle of a few big life changes, so probably nothing else music-wise until 2023. But I’m sitting on a ton of tunes that are itching to see the light of day. I have another EP in the works as well as several singles and a remix on the way. Also been brushing up on my visual art skills, so you can expect to see more of that incorporated in the near future as well.