Weekend Essentials with L Plus
Weekend Essentials with L Plus

Friday is here, but before we release you into the wild we thought we’d end the week with a bang and send you off with some essential neuro weaponry. Who better to hit us with a list of tech-burners than the unstoppable Slovakian force known as L Plus?

With the first single (out now!) off his forthcoming Hideout album project on Technique already smashing it up on the dancefloor, the anticipation continues to build as the crew promise that the best is still to come from one of Bratislava’s finest. Be sure to check the audio for that one here, and as we hold tight for the full release of the LP still on the horizon, strap yourself in and prepare for lift-off with these smoking technoid thrillers hand-selected by L Plus himself.

Mefjus “Blitz” (Neosignal, 2015)
This is one of those tunes that I can listen to every day, one hundred times a day, and it’s still not enough! Not only is this one really heavy but it’s so original and very inspirational for me.

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Noisia “Facade” (Ram, 2006)
I don’t really know if this is neuro, but it’s Noisia and it’s HUGE! It’s so clean and simple, with that perfectly coordinated bassline and crispy sounding beats. It’s hard to believe this one came out 10 years ago; I still love to listen to it to this day.

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Spor “The Hole Where Your House Was” (Sotto Voce, 2015)
What the fuck! That’s what I said when I first heard this tune, and there’s still nothing else I can say about it now. Give this one listen and you’ll be hooked. Pure energy!

Get it at Spotify | Bittorrent (official album download link)

InsideInfo + Mefjus “Pulsation” (Viper, 2015)
I was so pissed off when I first listened to this tune, mainly because it wasn’t me who wrote it! Again, not only does this one hit hard on the dancefloor, it does so in a unique way. A masterpiece!

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Audio “Collision” (Virus, 2010)
One of the nicest neuro rollers I’ve ever heard. This one is off Audio’s first album on Virus in 2010, and people still love it. When it drops, trust me, everyone is screaming!

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