We’re stoked to be able to present a massive debut from the Los Angeles-based duo known as Wires today. Coming at you straight from the hometown Big Booty Bass imprint, the aptly titled “Black & White” tune from the duo points to a bright future on that

Leaning into the leftfield with an untouchable swagger, the hypnotic atmospheres of the intro quickly give way to the head-twisting tune proper. Centered on a stomping beat and synapse-melting groove that twists and turns in all the right places, it’s those little subtle details sprinkled throughout that make this one worth smashing in the headphones just as much as you want to knock them skulls on the dancefloor.

Drops today on Bandcamp so lock yours in here before it hits the rest of the world on November 16 and keep your eyes out for more low-slung beats from Wires in the new year!