Photo by Benjamin Gordon

Jack Stevens, one-half of the acclaimed SpectraSoul duo, returns to Exit Records under his solo Workforce moniker with a stunning six-track EP. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a decade since Jack surfaced on the imprint with the now-classic “Melodies” / “Insignia” release.

Placed side by side with the forthcoming Your Moves EP, there’s no denying that both releases not only come from the same creative headspace but reveal an inspiring progression that is hard to deny. The EP will be the third release under the Workforce moniker and is the first to appear on an imprint other than his own Must Make Music label.

One quick listen to the cuts and its easy to see why Exit was quick to snatch these off the grid. With a distinctive sound that pushes genre-boundaries in a jaw-dropping fashion, hints of footwork, left-leaning liquid, and straight up dancefloor hypnotism serve as the backbone to the epic selection. Where forthcoming cuts like “Doughy” and “See You Again” bring on the goosebumps with breaks-driven soul, bits like “Didger” take it straight to warehouse territory with a filthy stomping groove. Dipping into experimental bass music territory on “Make Me” the full Workforce flex is not only realized on the head-twisting “Take Your Time” but on the shivering autonomic title cut that serves as the gateway to the untouchable sound.

While it’s been out since November 29, “Your Moves” is a lick that we quite simply can’t get enough of. With a crisp and funky break that holds it down beneath a shimmering atmosphere right from the get-go, the relentless groove keeps evolving until an exquisite vocal hook drives it all home. The galloping beat draws its power from an upfront minimalism that keeps the dancefloor pressure in full force while satisfying the chin-strokers in the shadows.

It’s a massive look from Workforce and one that promises to appeal to those into the riskier side of the dancefloor. While the title cut is already available across all platforms (here) the full Your Moves EP drops this Friday, December 13 on Exit Records so be sure to preorder / save yours here.