It’s no secret that Yheti consistently pushes the boundaries of what bass music can be—and his new album, The Party Has Changed, is no exception. This 11-track album, which he dropped today out of nowhere, sees him exploring unimaginable sounds while staying 100 percent Yheti.

On this journey of sonic exploration, Yheti creates an immersive, psychedelic soundscape accompanied by body-shaking wubs. Each unique track offers unexpected twists and turns, with each cut tearing through the fabric of space and time. Many of the otherworldly sounds Yheti produces will leave you asking, “WTF did I just hear?” 

“This album is the feelings of a night, a day, a weekend, a month, a year and a lifetime, condensed into a 30-minute experience,” says Yheti. “Expressed through the medium of internet dance music. Reflecting on a lifetime at the party and the power of art to represent and alter human perception.” 

With this body of work, Yheti is bound to alter the DNA of any dancefloor it will encounter, leaving the bodies feeling like they made contact with extraterrestrial life. Keep an eye out for Yheti as he continues to morph the experimental bass scene.