YOOKiE Lock Horns and Go Head-To-Head
YOOKiE Lock Horns and Go Head-To-Head

Like heroic bassbin twins rising from the ashes once again, the blood brothers known as YOOKiE come stomping into your speakers with their latest earth-rattler in the form of the aptly titled “Bassquake.” Featuring Jeff Kush straight shredding it on the vocal tip, this tsunami-inducing cut pushes the envelope once again and proves that YOOKiE are the hottest thing in the game right now.

Known to their mama as Anthony and Christopher Alfaro, the duo has transformed their familial bond and shared love of music into a creative powerhouse that drops jaws with each and every tune. The latest cut surfaces on the ever-essential Kannibalen and showcases the creative power that the duo seem to command at their fingertips. When asked how the tune came together the boys said, “We were chilling in an Airbnb in Toronto when Jeff Kush sent us this seriously fire verse. It was a no-brainer, we wanted to make a record with bass that would actually cause an earthquake,” and the tune “Bassquake” was born.

Flaunting a heart-stopping minimalist vibe that pulls up quick and begs to be experienced on a big rig where the bass is pushing the air right out your lungs, the tune merges an old-school hip-hop flavor with new-school trap in a way that Jeff Kush promises is not only a “wild ride” but “something truly epic.”

With the crew about to embark on a bass odyssey across North America on their Lords of Bass: The Fellowship of the Yooks tour, we thought we’d touch down with the boys for a quick chat that they quickly flipped on its head by interviewing each other. The results are both hilarious and insightful, as expected, so much so that we agreed to include the equally epic tour artwork that the crew came up as it has to be seen in all its wonderful glory to get the full vibe that the crew is bringing to a city near you.

We’ll drop the artwork after the interview so feast your ears on “Bassquake” and dig into the interview below. If you like what you’re feeling, cop your own copy of this beast here.

Chris: A lot of people may know us as the two bass brothers with extremely long luscious hair. Why is my hair better than yours?

Ant: Your hair may be “subjectively better” because some people have specific preferences in regards to hair styles, but let’s be real for a minute, mine is way softer. On the real, would you ever consider shaving your head?

Chris: What, are you insane? You know how long it has taken me to grow this out. Since we were little kids, we always rocked the long hair, plus it looks way cooler when we headbang.

Ant: Very true. But let’s be real, people don’t only come to our shows to see us headbang. Why do you think they come?

Chris: If you like one bpm and songs that sound the same for an hour and a half, YOOKiE sets are NOT for you. I think people come because we like to mix it up and throw down hard. Like our new single “Bassquake.” Why do you think that slaps so hard live?

Ant: We’ve been experimenting with natural frequencies of the universe and “Bassquake” is said to have cosmic healing powers. You know what else has healing powers?

Chris: Halal! I mean, it’s listed on our rider! What does chicken and lamb over rice with white, hot and BBQ sauce mean to you?

Ant: To me it’s a lifestyle…a way of life. You bring the Halal and we’ll bring the bass. What is the one thing you wish you could change about the current state of the bass scene?

Chris: The scene is very stale and everything sounds the same so I hope one day people will take more risks and stop playing it safe all the time.

Ant: What do you want to tell all the kids who look up to you?

Chris: Find something you’re passionate about and pursue it at all costs, follow your dreams, don’t let anyone tell you what makes you happy. What about you, what makes you happy? What inspires you?

Ant: The things that inspire me are ideas. Ideas are amazing. Ideas are like currency. Ideas are what drive the world. Ideas are what we need to get to the next stage. And not just great inventions like the train, little things like a zipper. Zippers are fire. Let’s get back to the serious questions, is it true you’re dating Selena Gomez?

Chris: Those rumors aren’t true we’re just friends. I told you not to bring that up in public.