Yunis Brings on the Distorted Sine Waves for Saturate
Yunis Brings on the Distorted Sine Waves for Saturate

Rocketing their way out of Berlin by way of Hamburg, the new-school flavors of Yunis continue to bring on the subwoofer destruction worldwide with an eclectic selection of cutting edge bass sounds. With his latest forward-thinking Distorted Sines EP on Saturate Records, the youngblood proves once again why he’s the rage with those who know.

Bits like “Twisted Up” and “Make It” serve as the perfect entry into the warped headspace of Yunis. Deep and deadly atmospheres bring on the creep before the lurching beats keep things grounded with just the right touch of dirt and grime polished off with some hypnotic chords and melodic elements to seal in the burn.

Speaking of grime, check the syncopated illness of “Grimeting” before “Fidget” doubles down and deceptively floats in with a poisonous groove. While most of these bits are designed for the dancefloor, it’s hypnotic tracks like “Fallen” that really bring this EP home for us. Unfolding with an untouchable cinematic flair, the slow heat on this one sizzles in a most satisfying way.

Of course, as one half of DrillDrill, Yunis knows how to bring that heat to studio collabs as both Subp Yao and BANGANAGANGBANGERS surface on the EP with some wall-shaking results. First up, Subp Yao drops in on “Message” for a synapse-frying journey that paves the way for Yunis and BANGANAGANGBANGERS going all in on “20G Stax.” As if all this wasn’t enough to get you hot and sweaty, prepare for heads like SMKSGNLS, CRIMES!, Holly, Starkey, Deadcrow, Frenquency, Toadface, Phizicist, and GREAZUS, to fatten up the release as they all go in on the remix tip and make this one an EP to buy on sight.

Out today direct from Saturate Records so lock yours in here.