Yunis Steps Into the Spotlight With ‘Depth’
Yunis Steps Into the Spotlight With ‘Depth’

While Yunis has a pretty staggering amount of releases since 2016 on bespoke bass labels like Saturate!, Repost and LA90, his remix of Emperor’s “Calypso” on the Neosignal X compilation earlier this year is what got the larger bass community sniffing around his tracks. Yunis’s first track on MethLab was in the form of a collab with Mad Zach on his No Past Lives EP called “What is this Place?” with his own Depth EP soon to follow, out today. Featuring two of its own collabs with MethLab artist Subp Yao and up-and-comer Rohaan, Depth will definitely have the bass music world realizing they’ve been sleeping on a major talent.

In Depth, Yunis commits to the halftime format but makes sure the listener knows how much can be teased out of said format. For those who think halftime might have gotten a bit formulaic lately, Depth is here to prove that hypothesis wrong. With smooth beats and hip hop vibes in tracks like “Swell” and “Fingertips,” Yunis is giving the likes of Ivy Lab and Shades a run for their money. Others like the drone-style lead track “Autosave” and the synth-heavy “Beat One” with Subp Yao show that Yunis isn’t just filling his tracks with samples and knows his way around ambient space and sound design.

There’s even more diversity in Depth than meets the eye with “Granite” with Rohaan, which combines both the hip hop and sound design aspects of Yunis’s style into something completely new. The final track, “Afterglow,” hammers this EP home with the heaviest bass of all and some really creative and experimental sound design.

The lesson from Depth is clearly to expect the unexpected with Yunis’s style, as he confirms both he and halftime have a lot more to them than fans have given them credit for in the past. With a lot of different flavors but impressive quality throughout, Depth will confirm Yunis deserves the attention he’s been getting this year.

Depth is out now on MethLab. Click here to stream or purchase on multiple platforms.