Surfacing earlier on Program alongside fellow Canadian Jake Robertz, the new-school producer known as Zeal steps out on his own for a proper solo EP on the Ram Records’ sister imprint that is sure to cement his position as one to watch in the coming year.

Titled Yesterday Lanes, the EP unfolds like a nostalgia-laced dream. Centered on celestial instrumentation and uplifting melodies, the undercurrent of razor-sharp beats with just the right hint of darkness at the edges keeps this one grounded on the dancefloor as well as with the head-nodding set.

Our favorite off the EP, “Release” takes on a haunted vibe that makes for a perfect late-October treat. While it retains the somnambulistic aura of the rest of the tunes, the deep hypnotism at the core makes for an epic ride through the ever-impressive mind of Zeal.

Out now as a Beatport exclusive so get with the Program and lock your copy of this one in here.