Zeds Dead and Snails Drop a Magnetic Track
Zeds Dead and Snails Drop a Magnetic Track Photo by Bryan Perez

When two of the biggest bass producers come together for a collaboration, you wouldn’t expect a love song, especially from the inventor of “Vomitstep.” However, that’s exactly what Snails created with heavyweights Zeds Dead and live electronic duo Akylla in their latest track, “Magnets.” Although the song kicks off a little mellow, it takes you on a rollercoaster ride through a passionate relationship, complete with dramatic vocals, stabbing percussion and goosebump-inducing bass. The track builds into a frantic drop with fast synth chops and heavy kicks featuring beautiful melodies and vocals from Akylla.

“‘Magnets’ is all about putting together beautiful melodies and vocals with intense basslines to create a powerful love song,” said Snails about the new bass track. “The mix of all our styles compliments each other exactly how we wanted and we’re so happy how the song came out.”

Snails has been known to have no boundaries when it comes to producing his grimy sounds and unrelenting bass. He launched his own label, Slugz Music as home for his music and others’ that is as outrageous as they want it to be. Zeds Dead adds their touch of bass music to “Magnets,” incorporating their signature sounds that can be heard in their classics like “White Satin” and “Lost You.”

“Magnets,” which is a co-released song between Slugz Music and Deadbeats, is a basshead’s perfect love song, and it is sure to create some serious flames on the dance floor. Out now so lock yours in here.