The untouchable Zeke Beats flexes with inimitable style on his official Wakaan four-tracker. Gathered under the watchful gaze of the turntablist-turned-DJ-turned-producer, the aptly titled Vigil EP is an impressive glimpse into the wild and wooly mind of Zeke Beats.

While each and every tune is dialed in with precise perfection, the vibe of each track varies wildly as Zeke channels his own multifaceted live appearances into the project. From glitched-out 8-bit subwoofer rattlers to jaw-dropping scratch-a-licious details that swerve and serve up the very best the producer has to offer, the EP is a masterclass in pushing the audience out of the usual tried and true dancefloor formula and into a space we can only call The Zone.

While many of the cuts may be familiar to avid fans who’ve followed Zeke Beats on the first phase of his ‘Vigil’ tour (or to anyone who has caught Wakaan bossman Liquid Stranger in the cut lately), there’s something different about having them all come together in a superbly engineered sonic package aimed straight at your dome.

As Zeke tells us, the meaning behind ‘Vigil’ which serves as both the title cut and the name of the EP as a whole, is not only about taking listeners “on a journey from tongue-in-cheek to complete chaos and destruction,” but to remain “[vigilant] during dark times throughout out lives.”

Whether you laugh in the face of adversity or straight up want to  headbang your way through to another galaxy, Zeke Beat’s Vigil EP has something for you so check the heat below and lock yours in here.