Technique Recordings announces the return of summer once again with another installment of their ever-essential Technique Summer 2019 album compilation. Featuring 39 massive drum and bass-fueled tracks, the brainchild of label bosses Drumsound and Bassline Smith features a wide range of cuts from across the spectrum of the genre from fresh and familiar faces alike.

From old-school heads like Aquasky and Ellis Dee returning to the fold all the way through to label stalwarts Tantrum Desire, L Plus, Smooth, and newcomers like Chrizz0r, Mindloader, and MIAVO, the compilation serves as snapshot of just how healthy the scene is heading into the summer months of 2019.

One of our absolute favorites off the album is the pool-party heater known as “Far From Us” from Zombie Cats. Best known for raging on the rugged side of the dancefloor, the crew hit us with a summertime stunner that rides the fine line between the rough and smooth. Centered on Sarah Pellicano’s captivating vocals, the Zombie Cats kick things into overdrive with a hustling percussive groove and sweeping blast of emotion-driven melody. It’s a refreshing take on summer that only the Zombie Cats can do and only one part of this epic celebration that Technique Recordings have put together.

The full compilation LP drops May 27 so break out the sunblock and lock in this essential selection here.