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Jade Carries the Neurofunk ‘Propaganda’ Flag With Eatbrain

The zombie don’s take on popular media, programming, and how to run a hard drum and bass label without eating what’s left of your brain.


Saxxon Takes us on a ‘Jungle Odyssey’

With the imminent release of his ‘Jungle Odyssey’ LP finally on the horizon, Saxxon hits us with a heavyweight playlist of influential cuts as wel


Friction Gets Real About His New ‘Connections’ in Music

The drum & bass veteran drops his first ever LP and talks about the emotional journey of coming into his own as a producer.


Transcending Through Space with LUZCID

LUZCID offers a special behind-the-scenes look at his recent string of banging releases.


Yookie Lock Horns and Go Head-To-Head

The long-haired blood brothers known as Yookie turn the tables and interview each other in this epic Q&A that drops alongside their latest earth-rattl


Barely Alive Take Listeners for a Ride with ‘Odyssey’

We sit down with Barely Alive to get all the details on their long-awaited sophomore album.


Mesck and TRUSIK Divulge The Depths of ‘Doomsayer’

We caught up with Mesck and TRUSIK labelheads Alastair and Jake to discuss the inner workings behind the ‘Doomsayer’ EP.


Kill The Noise Breaks His Silence

From the bassPOD to the Bassmnt, Kill The Noise covers all the basses in this in-depth interview.


Behind the Scenes with SAYMYNAME

Fresh off an epic set at Bassrush Massive this past weekend, we catch up with SAYMYNAME for a glimpse behind the scenes.


The 12th Planet Effect

Bassrush Massive is here and we sit down with 12th Planet—who’s been there from the beginning—to reflect on the past, present, and future of the