It’s been a little over a month since Caspa touched down in Los Angeles at Exchange LA and absolutely decimated the Bassrush masses with a mind-blowing “360° Experience” session that planted the dubstep king right in the middle of the dancefloor.

Since then, the UK bass pioneer, DJ, label head, and straight up champion of all things dubstep continues to spread the 140+ gospel with his untouchable selection of low-end basslines and growling hooks.

An absolute legend in the scene who shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon we thought we’d touch base with Caspa and get his take on the past, present, and future of dubstep as it continues to evolve and grow in the dankest undergrounds spots as well as on center stage at festivals.

It’s been a minute since we caught up and are excited to see you rinsing it out across North America this summer. Give us a sense of what kind of vibes old and new school headshould be expecting when you touch down in their town.

Its great to be back in LA and the US in general. The response has been insane and its very humbling to me. Honestly, I’m here to just be me and do me – I’m dubstep through and through and there is no second guessing that in my opinion. I plan to play all my new music and music from other artists and including the old school sound sprinkled through out. Thats the vibe!!

Dubstep as a genre seems to be continually evolving (for better or worse depending on your pov). As someone who has not only witnessed but played a seminal role in the birth of the scene, what’s your take on the current state of things? It seems bigger than ever and yet you have some people claiming “dubstep is dead”- where do you stand on things?

It’s never worse, it only evolves and moves forward and everything else is just opinion. For me personally I don’t like to fight change but go with the flow. I like all the new music that’s out, even the overly heavy stuff. It’s important to have a diverse scene and sound, that’s what makes it so special. I’m loving what everyone is doing from Distinct Motive to Ternion Sound to The Widdler and over to Peekaboo; Dubstep is bigger than ever in the U.S. and continues to expand its roots through the world. Yes, I agree it’s had it ups and downs but it has to be that way to survive – there is no front without a back, if you get me.

Related to the above, it’s obvious that the North American scene in particular has exploded on a number of levels. Not only OG heads but an entirely new generation of producers and fans seem determined to keep dubstep at the cutting edge of things. Remind our readers of the ways in which you’re not only welcoming the new guard butactively supporting new talent.

Look there is no scene without new talent, labels, nights and culture. Its so important to me to embrace good music, all the other stuff is just noise and opinion. Good dubstep is good dubstep and I always have and always will embrace and stay connected to the underground and roots of it all. It’s the foundation to me. What keeps me on my toes is the new music I receive – it just blows my mind and inspires me to keep writing and pushing myself. Its very important to be consistent not just current – as long as I can do that I’m in and on!!

The dancefloor experience itself has transformed from the early days of dark warehouses and sketchy dj booths. Part of this new experience is the 360 degree experience which you seem to have embraced at your stop in L.A. What’s the vibe like for you in the midst of the madness and what were your initial thoughts going into this new setting?

Dark warehouses are the scene’s roots and foundation and to be honest that vibe is the new vibe again. It’s perfect for me because I like nothing better than a dark room with a HUGE sound.

When team BASSRUSH suggested the 360° idea my initial thoughts were ‘sounds very cool and trendy’ and something different. We decided to embrace the idea and run with it.

I tell you what. I had such a great time and it was a phenomenal experience. I will definitely be doing something like this again but not all the time – keep it special like we did for the L.A. show. It was great to know that I was the first dubstep act to do it at The Exchange with BASSRUSH. I’ll take that.

Last but not least, hit us with some final words of wisdom and inspiration for all the dubstep soldiers, promoters, fans, producers out there in the trenches keeping things alive at the local level.

Be you, find your sound and style you love and stick with it no matter the weather.

Listen to opinions, but don’t worry about them. Always have fun first and the money will come later. Low hanging fruit isn’t always the sweetest.

Final thought: I just want to thank you and everyone that continues to support me – it truly means a lot. RESSSPEK